Classics Club Reading #3: A Suitable Boy

So I have started to read this 1348 pages long book РA Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth for the Classics Club Challenge.

A Suitable Boy is set in India during the post-Independence era and revolves around the family of Mrs Rupa Mehra. A suitable groom is required for Lata – the youngest daughter of Mrs Mehra.

I have read 100 pages of this huge book and I am truly delighted. There is something charming about stories from the post-Independence era. Remember Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children. (If you have not read it, do read it)

I am not keeping a target date to read this one. I will slowly read it with my morning/evening tea.There is not much option as this is too heavy to carry around. So A Suitable Boy is going to find a temporary place on my dining table, which means I expect a bit of curry stains, food particles, tea stains etc. But what good it will do if it remains on my book shelf in a good condition?

I bought this as a used book. If ever you plan to buy this book, see if you can find a lighter version. I really wish Amazon will publish a Kindle version of this one. I would go ahead and buy it unless it is exorbitantly priced.

So is there anyone who would like to read A Suitable Boy along with me ? If yes, do let me know through comments.


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