Wordless Wednesday #16

We reached back Bangalore after a trip to Kerala on Saturday. A week-long trip was planned to celebrate Onam, but was extended because we cancelled our train tickets in the wake of the Cauvery water distribution agitation which escalated last week.

A trip to Vagamon was the highlight of the travel and this is one pic from there. The yellow speck and white speck are my daughter and niece respectively. This place is known as Mottakunne.

If you are in Kerala, this is a hill station that you can check out. Situated in Kottayam district, this place gives you scenic view of Kerala.Driving up the hill through the winding roads on the hilly terrain is another experience. The roads are well maintained and made safe with barriers on edges.

We spent some time on the hills and then returned home after a heavy lunch. We wanted to try boating, but a sudden drizzle put a full stop to our plans. I loved every minute of it and the kids enjoyed running on these slopes. A place where you can enjoy a quiet time with family/friends.

Do check out my instagram feed for more pics.

Have you been to Vagamon? How was your experience?



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