Kaikondrahalli Lake-Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

kaikondrahalli lake sarjapur road bangalore

Last day we went back to Kaikondrahalli Lake on Sarjapur Road with the kids to spend some time walking around the lake. What a wonderful day it was and I was able to capture some beautiful images using my MotoG3 phone.

The first picture captured the reflection made by the SJR Edge Waters apartment and is one of the best pictures that I have ever shot. I wished I had picked up my DSLR with me, but then it is tough to carry it when you are out with your kids.

kaikondrahalli lake sarjapur road bangalore

This picture of the birds’ nest on the trees was taken when the sun was starting to set.  We were rushing out of the lake area because it was closing time, but I just had to stop and take this picture.

kaikondrahalli lake sarjapur road bangalore

I love the color tone of the water in this picture which is due to the Instagram filter.

About the Kaikondrahalli lake

Did you know Kaikondrahalli Lake was rejuvenated by the help of local citizens and BBMP? I visited this lake in 2015 for the first time, hence couldn’t understand the extend of work done until I saw this YouTube video.

kaikondarahalli lake sarjapur road bangalore

It was both surprising & shocking to realize that the central island itself is man-made and very new, made to give birds & turtles a space of their own without human interaction. It is just too exhilarating to see birds sitting on trees on that small island, the thick groves near the jogging trail, the birds’ nests. You feel like you have reached somewhere far out in the wild. When you realize that you are having an exceptional experience in the midst of a city, you tend to thank all those individuals who has worked to make this place so beautiful.

If you are in Bangalore and is yet to see the Kaikondrahalli Lake, please spare some time to visit here. Trust me, it is worth all the effort despite the heavy traffic that you might have to endure to reach here. Do remember to wear your running/walking shoes, carry water bottles and strollers for kids because the entire lake trail is around 2 kms.

Location: Just next to Market Square Mall (previously Total Mall) on Sarjapur Road

Area: 48 acres

Trail Length: Approx 2 km

Facebook: Kaikondrahalli Lake

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