Kerala Trip 2016

We had two successive trips to Kerala in the last two months. One was a planned trip to celebrate Onam which was modified when my cousin’s marriage came up and another trip came into being when TH’s cousin’s marriage was decided. So off we went to Kerala in September and October.

We had such lovely time in Kerala. The son was a bit cranky during the first trip owing to unfamilar faces. He made up for it in the second trip and was exceptional sweet to all – both strangers & family. The weather in Kerala was better too which helped a lot.


vagamon kerala

Vagamon is a hill station which is around 50 kms away from my parents’ home and we decided a trip to Vagamon with the kids would be a good idea. So off we went off there driving and it was a great experience. The kiddos which included my nieces had such a lovely time running about the green grasses/meadows, whatever you call it.

The drive itself was a great experience, but I couldn’t capture any pictures because I left my mobile at home. So all pictures are from my sis-in-law’s phone.



We went to Cochin aka Ernakulam during our both trips. The first one to attend my cousin’s wedding reception and second one to attend TH’s cousin’s wedding reception. And we have marriage of cousin on each side lined up already for the future trips.

The first trip got mixed up during the Cauvery agitation and we ended up spending 2 days in Cochin and then returning to Bangalore with a cousin who had driven down to Kerala in his KL registration car. (yea..that mattered a lot).

The second trip involved running to the local Panchayat office to request birth certificate for my son with name added, finishing off some urgent work for my father and then driving down to Cochin for the wedding. The wedding reception was held at the beautiful Bolgatty Palace Event centre. It was a beautiful wedding, but we couldn’t enjoy it much as we were busy keep track of our toddlers.

TH was very happy to meet many of his family members after many years and the kids were very agreeable too.

Fort Kochi

fort kochi kerala boat

We had a day free before we caught the train back from Cochin to Bangalore and we had already discussed visiting Pepper Cafe (Cafe Agape in the movie Premam). But my cousin suggested visiting Kashi Art Cafe for better food. So off we went to Kashi Art Cafe for lunch after meeting my aunt.

chinese fishing nets fort kochi kerala

We were terribly late after the lunch and couldn’t explore Fort Kochi much as we might end up missing our train. So we went off to the beach side and had a quick look at the water.These are called chinese fishing nets and you can see them all over the backwater areas of Kochi.

I have a lingering desire to go back and explore more of Kochi especially visit Marine Drive, a place I used to frequent when I was young. I want to explore Mattancherry and visit the Jewish synagogue too with TH. One day soon…

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