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After so much of anticipation and planning, we did finally manage to get ourselves to Kerala to celebrate my mom’s 70th birthday. The planning consisted of booking 4 sets of tickets and the planning all went into a disarray in the last week before travel.

My husband’s grandfather died all of a sudden which meant he had to travel to Indore urgently. His office work was already piled up which meant that traveling with us to Kerala was doubtful. I was just thankful that my brother was traveling with us and I could go with him. Also my live-in maid managed to suffer from backpain due to some sort of nerve compression and she was in utter pain. I had half mind to ask my husband to stay back since I didnt want her to make the 6 hour long bus journey to her native. Thankfully she was better by the day of travel and actually insisted on visiting her native.¬†Finally TH managed to come with us.

Traveling in train was uneventful except when a rat decided to eat my husband’s laptop bag. I had put a few bakery buns as emergency snacks for us and that caused the attack. It was even more interesting when I had another bag next to it which had biscuits, bananas and lot more eatables. So we ended up buying a laptop bag before we traveled back.

We are having second thoughts on traveling in trains when there is a longer duration of day time travel. The son seems to want to climb up and down and do all sorts of circus in the train which makes it very stressful. Bed time trains are better when you can eat supper and put them to sleep right away.

The weather in Kerala was much better than we anticipated though there were moments when we just gave up due to the humidity. We did spend an entire night sans light & fan because of the thunderstorms one afternoon, and the inverter charge didn’t last enough to switch on the fans. Thanks to the heavy rain, we could sleep without much fuss.

A major highlight of my trip is always that quick trip to my favorite shop in my small town. This unassuming place has all types of good quality clothing for all ages and we have been purchasing most of our things from here including TH’s shirts. I love the fabric section of the store. Alas, that section was too crowded to approach that we left the store without even making an attempt. I realized I may get hurt in this vulnerable stage if I attempt to buy fabrics. We did manage to buy clothes for the kids, so the trip to the shop was not entirely wasted.

Overall I enjoyed meeting our families and the birthday celebration was a total success too. I am so happy that my parents are ever so understanding and doesn’t complain about my short & infrequent trips to home. I wish I could stay more, but I really really need to save my leaves for my baby because I am entitled to just 12 weeks of ML for the 3rd child and have to use my leaves to spend some time with the newborn before resuming work.

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  1. Reema Sahay

    We also took a train this time, assuming that my 5.5 year old will enjoy the experience. He sure did, but it completely stressed me out. Just like you said, my son was continuously going up and down the whole time. But still we managed without handing him a cellphone ha ha.

    1. Elizabeth Post author

      sorry for the late reply. I read your comment long back…but somehow never got to replying. I have decided to stick to trains which start late in night and reach by forenoon. That means I can put the kids to sleep as soon as we start. That should take some stress out of the journeys.


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