Ok Jaanu(2017)


In the first few minutes of watching Ok Jaanu, I wondered if I am actually watching an Indian movie. Because you don’t usually see a man & woman (both strangers) get acquainted with each other, become friends and even get sexually involved in such a short time. The relationship’s progress into a no-strings-attached live-in relationship is even faster. In the quest for creating a modern day live-in relationship, the story progresses quite fast in the first half to fall back into a slow emotional drama in the second half. In the second half, the pace of the story slows down – the families get involved, it is time to move ahead to pursue career goals and they reevaluate where their relationship stands!

Ok Jaanu tells a story of two individuals -Adi and Tara who don’t mind casual relationships, but doesn’t want any of it to disturb their career aspirations. They are very clear about what they want to do with their life – no marriage and puts forth this fact before they go ahead and start a live-in relationship. Both are planning to move to different foreign locations, and when that works out, they will say goodbye and move on with life.


To be frank, the plot line that I loved most in the movie was the soothing love story of the Retired Judge Gopi and his Alzheimer’s affected wife Charu who are brought on screen by none other than Naseeruddin Shah and Leela Samson. Adi and Tara lives in one of the rooms in Gopi’s house when they pursue their no-strings attached relationship.

Ok Jaanu is fun to watch for the on-screen chemistry between Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor and of course for the mature love between the judge and his wife. But there are lots of instances where you come across with the incredlous plot twists; the second half turns into a mushy emotional drama which doesn’t affect you much.

The climax is fast and things happen before the viewer realizes what actually happened. I enjoyed the movie but then story line was not convincing. Somehow I could not find it realistic even though set in modern times. Nevertheless a movie that is watchable especially if you are watching it using Amazon Prime Video.

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