It is a girl!

So after months of wait and speculation, my girl arrived on her due date, just half an hour into her estimated date of arrival. She was supposed to come into the world through an induced labour in the early morning, but she just couldn’t wait and decided that a midnight arrival is much more fun.

I have not written the birth stories of my two elder children and don’t think I will write this one either. All I will say is that, this was a labour and birth which made the doctors,the nurses and I extremely happy. It went as smooth as it could be :)

I have had my share of sleepless nights, the trouble compounded by two elder ones running around the house. Add to it, my baby girl seems to have a troublesome tummy which means she frequently vomits quite a bit. Sometimes it comes through the nose too which is pretty scary. I have been trying different medicines for her – homeo seems to be slightly effective, trying ayurveda for the time being. Hopefully she will grow out of this phase quickly.

We have completed one month already and I didn’t feel liking updating the news here till now. If you follow my instagram, you would have known the news much earlier though.

That is all my friends. As far as reading books, I have read a few books in the last few months and hope to finish reading 25 books in 2017. I find reading on my kindle easier, but the kindle books are quite expensive which kind of holds me back from buying whatever I want to read. But I have been adding to my collection. Hope to write about those books here pretty soon.

5 thoughts on “It is a girl!

    1. Elizabeth Post author

      Thanks a lot for your wishes. When I say kindle books are expensive, it is definitely lesser priced compared to physical books, but you have to shell out more than 200 rupees for any new book that you want to read. Add 100 more, you can buy the physical book. That is why I hesitate to buy a book unless I am convinced otherwise. If I have a physical book, I do have the option to sell it as a used book,but that option doesn’t exist with kindle version.


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