After You by Jojo Moyes

I was fully aware of what I might find when I picked After You from the Justbooks Library. I had read good reviews and not so great reviews about this one over the past few months. Something which is very normal when a sequel to a book which has very popular. Nevertheless I decided to read it when I got a copy.

Now that I have read it…I don’t regret reading the book. As a stand-alone story, After You is kind of good. But the story of life of Lou after the epic story in ‘Me Before You’, you are heavily disappointed. It felt like the story was written to give closure to Lou’s life by hatching up something, fill the book with so many characters and devote quite a bit of time for them etc.

To be frank the only saving grace of the book is the mature love between Lou and Sam which is kind of nice to read about. The characters like Lily, Will’s parents, Lou’s parents, her sister etc etc do take up a lot of pages and kind of act like fillers and they are quite nice. But then you still end up wishing this sequel was never written.

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