The Railway Children by E Nesbit – Classic Club #7

I think The Railway Children was the first book that I read after starting the Classics Club Challenge. But somehow I never got to write about it as expected from the challenge. The challenge is to read 50 books and blog about them in 5 years. From the look of it, I may not meet that deadline. But at this point, I would still keep going.

I started this draft many months or years ago, but never got to finish it. Then thanks to a series of incidents, I am holding a new phone which makes blogging using the WordPress app an ok experience. So here I am trying to publish this post for the nth time.

I liked this book the first time I read it and loved it during my second time read in 2017.

The Railway Children speaks about three siblings who is living in a town with their parents. But some mysterious circumstances force their father away from home and the family is forced to move to a new place, into a much smaller house and into poorer circumstances. The mother is just able to meet both ends at the new place.

Despite the sad situation, the family learns to live within their means and start enjoying their new place which is close to a railway station. They eventually love the trains and everything about them. And they have some great adventures too.

The book is a nice read, a feel good book that I am sure I will read again and again. There is a certain joy in reading a children’s book. I have a hard copy which I am waiting to be read by my children and I hope they will enjoy reading it too.

I am actually not sure about the minimum age to find this book enjoyable, but I do think 8 to be a good age to enjoy this book. I will find out soon.

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