…time to park the Classics

While I was writing my last review for the Classics Club Challenge, I happened to think about the whole endeavor of reading a set of 50 predecided books for over 5 years. It did look like a great idea when I started off, but now it looks like a tedious task to achieve. Moreover I don’t feel that great when I pick some book because I want to finish it and put a tick somewhere.

At this point of evolution of socialmedia, with so many other platforms like instagram, twitter etc, I am not sure if anyone really takes the pain to visit your blog or even access the rss feed reader for that matter and read through your 500+ words on things that they can know by reading an instagram post or a tweet. I think you got the point…

Do I really think the challenge was a waste of time? No, never. I had good time reading certain books. I would never have dared to pick that 1000+ page monster called  ‘A Suitable Boy’ if it was not for this challenge. And that was an amazing experience, but I never got to finish reading that chunkster. But I will one day and probably will re-read it many times in my life. ‘The Brothers Karamazov’ is another gem that I loved reading. It was a long read, nevertheless worth it.

So here it goes…As of now, I bid bye to the Classics Club Challenge. It was nice to attempt something like that..

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