Second attempt to read ‘A Suitable Boy’

When I started reading A Suitable Boy in July 2016, I had every intention to finish the 1300 pages+ book by the end of the year. Despite all my good intentions, I was not able to go beyond 1000 pages by 2017. I have not recorded the update in goodreads, so I am clueless about my exact reading progress. But I was determined I will go back to this book one day soon.

Then one day a book blogger posted on instagram about re-reading this book with a group of people facilitated by a Whatsapp group. I was excited and definitely joined the group. And yes, the day to start which is May 1st came…Around 57 people joined the group and all were very enthusiastic about reading this literary gem.

Things started off and then the initiator had to drop out of the whole endeavor due to his professional commitments. Slowly, the people started exiting the group and there is no one to keep track. What a tragic fate to something which started off so beautifully!

Anyway I am continuing my effort, the best thing being that I was able to get a .mobi version of the A Suitable Boy from the Whatsapp group and I have put it on my kindle. I am all set to read and will read this book in 2018 no matters what tries to stop me.

I am currently at 6% and today being Friday, is looking forward to spend some reading time during this weekend. The physical book will be kept in my book shelf as a reminder of my efforts to read this one.

Why should you A Suitable Boy?

A Suitable Boy is one of the most beautiful books that I have read and it is a book which talks about an era just after the Indian Independence. It doesn’t go into depths about the Independence or Partition, but as an Indian, I just loved those parts. Trust me, your time and effort is worth it!

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