Where is the time?

Nobody has time these days…the working couple doesn’t have time, the working couple with a single child doesn’t have time..the couple with two children doesn’t have absolutely any time. and we also don’t have any time…we do have the best excuse – having 3 children out of which 2 are below 5.

I did realize few things over the past few years though:

  • Time is a very relative thing: When I say I do not have time for anything, I mean that half an hour before sleep that I could relax, read a book, browse my mobile and go to sleep. These days I switch off the lights and keep my mobile aside because the younger ones will fall asleep only in complete darkness. For another person, it could be the time to binge watch few episodes of their favorite serials/TV shows during weekends/nights. For another, it is about time to visit the gym on a week day.
  • We do find time for things we are passionate about: Isn’t that true? I wanted to make a stained glass painting and I found time for it despite my hectic schedule. I did had to stay awake during midnight at weekends, work on it when the baby was sleeping. I will work on it and finish it up whenever I can squeeze a few minutes of my life.
  • Children doesn’t need your time as much as they grow up: For all those parents who worry about their time when they have kids – chill! The first few years are tough, then it is tough to get their attention when they are watching TV. You will still need time to spend doing homework, feeding them, taking them out,but not as much as you would need when they are young.
  • Priorities matter: You are in full control of your time and will need to prioritize the things to be done. If certain things can wait, there is no harm in taking a chill pill, taking a break and relaxing a bit. Sometimes that should be your priority.

Somehow this post ended up being a very preachy kind of post which was not my intend. The intend was to tell you I am not finding time to write here because this blog has taken a back seat in my list of priorities and interests. But I will keep writing whenever I feel like writing.

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