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indigo cotton sareeI have this uncanny ability to forget the story of the book that I finished reading a week back which made it necessary that I write my thoughts down. That is how this blog was started, but this has become my creative space where I write down whatever remains in my mind about the books that I have read.

I dream to be a book blogger and earn money and I know this will remain a dream forever. But then I understand that thousands of other people have the same idea and they do put more hard work than me…So that dream is conveniently parked by the by-lane.

You can contact me for review related information at elizabethje AT gmail DOT com

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Varun Gwalani

    My name’s Varun Gwalani, and I’m a 22-year old Indian author. The book I would love for you to review is called “The First Storyteller”. “The First Storyteller” is a book written entirely in first-person, which means that the protagonist is genderless, nameless, feature-less etc. This way the book is more focused on the idea of storytelling and the emotional journey of the protagonist.
    A lot of the journey is based on my struggle with OCD (Which I spoke about in a TED talk as well) and can raise awareness. If you’re still not convinced you can check out a preview here https://goo.gl/kTDa3b

    Of course, I’ll send you a review copy, paperback or ebook whichever you prefer.

    Thank you,


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