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Amazon Kindle Unlimited India – My Experience So Far

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Amazon Kindle unlimited review

I happened to read Pooja’s thoughts and review of  Amazon Kindle Unlimited and was inspired to write about my experience with kindle unlimited too.

What is Amazon Kindle Unlimited

It is a subscription service which lets user borrow kindle books from a vast list of kindle books available on for a small amount. You can avail for a monthly/quarterly/bi-annual/yearly subscription and there were offers which provided you a good deal(around 100 rupees per month).

Is it True?

Yes.There are more than 1 million books(as claimed by amazon) available to the user for the period of subscription, much more than you can read in a year.

I paid Rs 1200 for a yearly subscription which comes to around 100 bucks per month.

So is Kindle Unlimited worth it?

This question doesn’t have a straight forward answer. But here are few points to give you an idea based on my experience. Do read them before you go ahead and subscribe for Kindle Unlimited.

  • All amazon kindle books are not available under this offer. I believe there might be some tie up between publishers/authors and amazon to add them into kindle unlimited catalog.
  • From what I have explored, most of the books that are available are what I would like to read or on my wishlist. There are only a few books written by known authors.
  • You can borrow only 10 books at a time. You need to return books before you can borrow any more books once you have 10 books with you.
  • A lot of books by Indian writers are available. So if you read a good number of Indian authors, this offer might be a good one for you.
  • There was an offer of 1400 for a year of subscription. I actually got a gift card of 200 rupees from amazon itself. Hence paid only 1200. 100 bucks per month seems to be a good investment.
  • Kindle Unlimited gives you a great opportunity to explore the writings by those authors that you would generally not buy because you don’t know them well.
  • As long as you don’t compel yourselves to finish the book you start reading, you can always return the book if you feel a particular book is not worth your time and effort. I know this is easier said than done for many readers. I try to practice it though I don’t abandon books on my first whim.

Final Thoughts

If you are particular about the books you read, it might be a good idea to wait for so more time for publishers to add their books in the kindle unlimited catalog.

I did get to read and explore few books that I would not purchase otherwise and I found some of them to be very interesting. In that way I am enjoying the experience.

Subscribe,take a good look at the catalog and be open to new or unknown authors. You will enjoy the experience!

Note: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

A birthday and a Christmas gone by…

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Merry Christmas everyone!

I had decided early that I will not put up any Christmas tree or decoration this year. The reason is my 17 month old toddler who climbs places which we think impossible at his age. A decorated Christmas tree kept at any height would be too much of a temptation for him and I don’t want any untoward incidents when we are away at office.


I was not expecting any expensive gifts from the husband this year given that we are busy setting up our apartment. So I was shocked when he said he has ordered the kindle paperwhite for me. It arrived 3 weeks before my birthday and I was not at all sad that TH once again missed the idea of a birthday surprise. I have read books using it and has enjoyed the experience. Completing The Brothers Karamazov is my first priority and I have read around 90%; tremendous progress after I started reading on the kindle.

This is my cafe mango birthday cake from chef bakers at Bellandur. Since it is Christmas time, the cake came in a Christmas theme package :) We had a very quite Christmas and after the morning mass, we spent the day with my mother-in-law enjoying her vegetarian cooking ;) We had not kept the advent, so didn’t mind the lack of non-vegetarian food on Christmas day. It was my brother-in-law’s birthday on Christmas, so I ended up eating a lot of the cream cakes in the last few days.

This is the chicken salad that we had for lunch someday last week  from Leon Grill, Indiranagar. This place is a tiny restaurant hidden in one of the by-lanes of Indiranagar and serves awesome burgers, rolls, salads etc.  We got to eat some amazing food that day, but I am sure we will be going back for more!

Christmas 2015 is officially over for me and I have a hectic work schedule planned in the coming days. It is so sad that I have to work in this holiday season, but I hope to wind up a few things before new year so that I can celebrate it peacefully with my kids and family.

Keeping House by Margaret Kim Peterson – Book Review

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Genre: Christian Non-fiction

Why should woman keep house for her family or anyone at all? Should they clean the house one morning to find that it has become dirty by the end of the day? Who in the family is responsible for cooking, feeding  good food and clothing family members with clean and ironed clothes? Why should anyone do all those never ending household chores?

I know none of this questions or answers make much sense. But it will all make sense when the act of Keeping House is looked upon with a Christian angle. OK, this book is about linking keeping house and being a good Christian. It is about the need to take the household chores seriously as opportunities to serve others, providing your family with a great environment and in return nurture good relationships with your family and God Himself.

Why should anyone put effort in doing household chores especially in modern times when everything should happen with the least effort? Should people spend their after work hours cooking, cleaning and washing clothes. Isn’t take away food enough? Isn’t it OK if the house was not cleaned so frequently? What happens when all the household responsibilities are dumped on one single person? What are the ways in which responsibilities can be shared?

Margaret Kim Peterson comes up with some good answers to all these questions by her own. I would confess that I found some of her ideas as awesome, but there were few points which I could not agree at all. But overall she made me think about my thoughts towards household chores and how I do them.

Doing household chores as ways to serve others and God,creating a happy environment for our families is the basic theme of the book. After all proper food, shelter and proper clothing are our basic needs. 

Overall, I found the book to be encouraging especially at times when I am too tired to finish all the chores while taking care of a one year old baby. As I wrote before, this book helps to take out a few frustrations of being a working mother with very little time. It also helps you to understand the importance of the stability created in our families by performing these repetitive chores.

Giving a biblical angle for everything was something I didn’t like in this book. I felt like the author is thinking too much or giving more importance to certain aspects based on her own interpretations of the Bible.

Verdict: Recommended for all Christian men and women especially married people.

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Finally we have decided upon a name for the little one – Clara. We (rather hubby) was very specific that the name should be either a Sanskrit name or a  Malayalee name ( means one that is popular among Keralites). Since I prefered the latter, the choice was much easier. Clara happens to be the name of his grand mother. I should be honest at this point and say that Clara is of Greek origin and it means bright, famous. So much for the Malayalee name, but it doesn’t matter since it is a well known name in Kerala.

As I look back, I still remember the dreaded days before she was born. Clara was diagnosed with a narrow ascending aorta at 20 weeks during a anomaly scan followed by a fetal echo cardiogram. Subsequent scans also said the same. The pediatric cardiologist predicted 60-70% chance of “Coarctation of Aorta” on birth of the baby which will require surgical intervention within a week after the baby is born. Everything was depending on the echo taken after birth; which means that I actually wished that the baby would stay in my womb for much longer since she is safe inside :).

Anyway God once again proved that miracles could be part of your lives, just that you should believe and pray that they will happen. My full term baby who had a bed booked in NICU before birth didn’t even spend an hour in NICU. That was nothing short of a miracle for me. After three echocardiograms after birth( 2 in hospital and one at 1 month old), Clara’s heart is almost normal.

I feel wierd writing about Clara’s heart condition in a blog which was never a place where I shared much personal information. But I do want people to read this and face the situation in case they encounter such a dilemma in their life. I know there would a lot of people who would have terminated the pregnancy since they don’t want to go through the possible trauma of a congenital heart disease even in cases where doctors assure you that it is totally curable. Yes, we were also confused initially, but we started loving the baby more ever since. As my doctor said, if you had done that, you may be terminating a perfectly normal baby as it turned out to be in Clara’s case.

Clara turns out to be a rather mischievous kid who can bring down the house by screaming. But she knows to put her best behavior on visitors. You should see the little one smiling and cooing at the people who come to see her. My heart melts all over when I see it. Guess that is what it means to be a mother !!! Being a mother is a 24 hour job indeed :) Can’t imagine how I am gonna work away from her.

Anyway I am happy to be back updating this blog after a short break. There are lots of reviews pending in my drafts, but lack of time and proper system access makes it difficult. Lately I have started exploring the world of kindle books and rather liked the experience. Audio books are definitely not my kind, though I want to keep trying at it for some more time. Listening with concentration isn’t my cup of tea. I do have access to internet since my thoughtful husband decided to gift a Samsung Galaxy Tab before Clara’s birth. Everyday I wake up and thank him for that gift since I realised that I am addicted to internet just like most people who are addicted to TV.Amazon Kindle app for Android is one of my favourite Android apps.

Michael Connelly is my favourite author right now. I am amazed about his talent to churn out sensible crime fiction with such great quality. I have read too many of his books that I have difficulty in recollecting the plots when I see a book :). But no book is same. If you are interested in mysteries and thrillers, Michael Connelly book is the one for you. Beware, you may not feel like keeping the book down until you are finished.

Happy April Fools Day !!! (i missed it by a min )

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