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Zumba Time

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zumba fitness

I joined Zumba classes in our apartment last monday with an aim to give more attention to fitness. Also a bit of time outside work and home will do well for me. Then there is the postpartum tummy that I have been ignoring for some time. It is time to tighten those loose tummy muscles that I desperately hide when I wear sarees.

I am currently in love with zumba fitness and we are usually panting half through the session. I feel satisfied with the overall workout my body gets along with increasing stamina.

I don’t need to loose weight, rather should gain a few kgs and that makes things quite easy on the mind.

The instructor seems to know things which is very important to avoid injuries. And he has loads of patience too, which is encouraging when you don’t get the steps.

I like to dance but I am not good at it. So this is another opportunity for me to improve my dancing skills too. We do a bit of bollywood and salsa and that keeps things a bit more fun.

The best thing about zumba as a fitness regime is that you don’t need to worry about how good or bad you are. You just do your best and try to do better as each day go by.

So…it has been 5 sessions of zumba and I am loving it. I hope to continue these classes because I enjoy that me-time and it will keep me fit too. I can probably skip my runs/walks and not worry about lack of exercise.

2016 – The Year so far

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book shelf pictureNow that we are half way mark of 2016, I thought I will write down about the half year that has gone by.

~Our own space

In May, we moved into our own apartment 2.5 years after booking it. There has been few issues through this journey, but theĀ  overall experience has been quite good. After all the builder completed the construction without much delay, which is a big thing these days in Bangalore. Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday #11

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bookshelf home interior design

I don’t know if anyone of you have wondered where I disappeared in the past few weeks. The news is: I was busy setting up my new apartment about which I had written before. And here is my bookshelf.

The particular layout of the flat provided us with a foyer when we entered. This ensured a bit more privacy compared to other layouts, but we were left wondering how to make use of the much space left after the storage planned for shoes and bags.

Once we started our discussions with the interior designer, it was clear that the flat doesn’t have a lot of place for us to keep many bookshelves as we would like to have. Thus came the idea of making it in the foyer. So we have a shoe rack/storage and this bookshelf filling up our foyer and this is a good use of the space.

I am still wondering how to keep these precious books safe. I don’t mind borrowing books to like-minded book readers who will take good care of them and return it, but there will be people who will borrow them just because they saw them on the shelf and may never read them.

I am planning to start another blog to write the incidents/stories surrounding this book shelf :P My father still believes that most of these book belongs to his son-in-law and I didn’t bother to correct him :)

Welcoming the new year

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Wishing all of you a fantastic 2016!

I was too held up with work till yesterday morning that I was not sure if I will be able to spend any meaningful time with my family during this year end & the weekend. I achieved a major milestone today which meant I can afford to take a break during the weekend. The original plan was to work through the weekend to finish off few things by Monday morning.

About the year gone by, 2015 was a tough year in all terms, especially managing a demanding work schedule with two small children. There were days when I really wanted to call it quits and become a stay at home mom. On the other side there were also a lot of learning in terms of developing my skill set and it has boosted my confidence tremendously. Anyway I have emerged more confident and happier by the end of the year. The son has become a naughty toddler and the girl is a textbook case of ‘terrible three’. I wish them to grow up quickly and being more independent though I know I will wish the opposite in a few years.

goodreads reading challenge 2015

Onto the subject of books: I read 29 books though I planned to read 50 books as per my Goodreads challenge. I will not put a separate post of about yet another time when I missed completing the challenge. Anyway I think I will keep the challenge to 35 books in 2016 to give more time to read those huge books that I had avoided for some years ( Hello Shantaram, Lord of Rings, The Three musketeers)

2015 – My Year in Books

In 2016, I plan to gain some progress on my classic club reads. As of today, I have read 6/50 for the challenge, the highlight being The Brothers Karamazov. For all those who are in two minds about reading this masterpiece by Dostoyevsky, please don’t hesitate. Just start reading this one. You will not be disappointed.

The new kindle has changed the way I read. I love the ease it provides and I think I will be reading more kindle books in the coming years. I love physical books, but the physical convenience of a holding a kindle vs holding a big book wins me over me.
I am excited to start the new year by reading the third book in the Coromoran Strike series by J K Rowling. Have you read it ?

What are your book related plans for 2016? Do let me know !