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Its a Boy !!!

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My son was due on 18th Friday, but he decided that he had enough  time inside my tummy and decided to come on Sunday early morning. I was not feeling comfortable after my checkup on Saturday and decided to visit the hospital to see if what I feel is actually labor pains. And then when I was getting ready, my water broke :) So my junior came on 1:37 am on July 13th. I will not say it was an easy task to push out this teeny weeny thing, but then everything got over quite quickly :)

I have been planning to put up a post here, but then was procastinating the task for few days. Junior had an unexpected bout of severe diarrhoea which saw us back in hospital within two days after we were discharged. Now Junior is on ‘good’ intestinal bacteria diet everyday :P.

I was quite worried about my toddler daughter who has not spent a night away from me and then she surprised me by waving me off to hospital at 11 in the night when I told her that I will bring the baby back when I come…It was like a miracle considering she was very sleepy at that point. To be frank, she is behaving much better than expected, though she is compensating for all that by throwing all the potty training out of the window…Sigh!

The night visit to hospital happened second time when we saw that Junior may get dehydrated if we don’t control the diarrhoea a day after we were discharged from hospital. It seems that few newborns does not take well to mother’s milk also initially. Thank god there were no intravenous fluids or NICU stays for the little one.

So now we are back home, trying to take as much rest as possible and catching some sleep whenever both kiddos allow me to do so…Will update you with more news and reviews in the coming days.

On books, thanks to hubby, I am reading ‘The Cuckoo’s Calling’ by J K Rowling. He bought the e-book when we were in hospital and he was bored with whatever he was reading :)

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A New Life

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Guess a few of you would have wondered about my prolonged absence from this blog… Even if you haven’t, I just wanted to let you that I got married on 21st May. I am just back to office today after a short vacation to Andaman & Nicobar Islands.
I wanted to write about my wedding for a long time, but somehow couldn’t get the time to put it here in words which is the reason why I never mentioned it here… But now I truly want all of you (though a few) to share my new happiness…
And I believe today is a great day to write this post since I agreed to marry him on this day last year…And has never looked back to a life without him from then on… 
Being bookworms, one of the first things we did when we got some free time was to renew our library membership :)

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Fake Promotion of Books using Goodreads

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Is a big Deal ?

Yes !!! is a very reliable website giving information about millions of books published around the world.Readers like me choose books to read based on the ratings and reviews on The review comments given by certain reviewers can make or break the deal for some writers. Personally I rely on this website to decide to read/buy a book.

Fake profiles in

Recently I came across a debut novel by an Indian author which is being promoted by using dishonest methods. Whoever is doing this has the following modus operandi – make several fake profiles in That means giving a different name, a different pic and sometimes a different country in the profile. These fake people would write awesome reviews of this particular book in and of course give a 5 star rating for the book. The particular author is their favourite author and the book is added to many listopia lists.

Meticulous Method of Execution

The method of execution of this fake promotion is done quite meticulously that it is very difficult to identify it. 5 or 6 of these fake profiles are only mutual friends of each other, not all, making it look like a credible network of friends. If one person write a good review, then 4 or 5 of his/her friends would come and support the review. This highly networked thing goes on and on. Today the book has around 50 ratings with more than 85% 5 star ratings.

Make it look authentic

These fake profiles are made to look very authentic by shooting friend requests to authentic bloggers or book worms around the world especially India. I have received atleast 10 friendship requests from these fake profiles which is when I decided to do a research on this debut novel by Indian author.

Like thousands of goodreads members, I also used to accept each and every friend request I received. If you are a goodread member and active on goodreads, it is very likely that you have befriended atleast a few of these fake people.

Which book?

I would love to specify the book title and author. But Naaah!!! You can call me a coward, but I prefer to refrain from disclosing the same as I am not really interested in receiving a law suit against me.The people who did this can easily get away by deleting all this fake profiles and some cleaning job on

Watch out

I really want to keep goodreads as a reliable source of information about books and would certainly not be happy if such unethical behaviors are not identified and discouraged.If this is one book that I identified as being falsely promoted, there could be many other books that are being promoted using similar tactics. So goodreads members watch out….

Please feel free to leave your comments on the same. My idea is not to expose anyone, but I really want people to be aware of the misuse of websites like for personal gains.


I am not claiming that the author is doing it, but whoever is doing it is trying to do a good job and is certainly a well wisher of the author/publisher.

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