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When you have developed an expensive obsession…

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Life has been on a fast track for the past couple of years with being busy with a full-time job and two kids. But that has never stopped me from pursuing other interests. Such as reading, photography, sewing, cooking etc etc.

Reading has always been my stress buster for years and that has not changed over the years. But writing reviews about them is a challenge these days. So this blog has reviews of around 25% of the books that I read. Anyway am really grateful that reading has remained an integral part of my life despite the schedules. Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday #6

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illustrated classics collection

We saw this awesome offer in Crossword Stores few weeks back – Buy 5 of these illustrated classics and get another 5 for free. So the total cost of this whole set of 10 books was around 1200 and the illustrations were just so beautiful that we couldn’t resist. There were few more titles to choose and I hope to add more to this illustrated classics collection in future.

Once you take a look at these books, there is no way you are coming out of the shop without one of them especially if you have kids or a favorite niece/nephew. TH has been reading from these books to our daughter whenever he can :)

The copy of Gulliver’s Travels is missing in the picture because that is lying on our dressing table right now. I realized it quite late.

The House That BJ Built – Cover Selection

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The next book to create a buzz in the book reading community of India is the much awaited sequel to  Anuja Chauhan’s Those Pricey Thakur Girls, and it definitely deserves all that hype.

Those Pricey Thakur Girls by Anuja Chauhan – Book Review

I just loved ‘Those Pricey Thakur Girls’ (TPTG) and has been waiting for the sequel ever since I finished reading it. Last week I received a mail from Westland Publishers saying that they want us to help them choose the book cover for the sequel titled ‘The House That BJ Built’.

They gave two options to choose and I liked the second cover (B) and so does most of the people who voted. I can see more than 600 likes for the second cover and around 200 likes for the first cover (A) on Facebook. So it is going to be cover B. Yay!

The House that BJ Built by Anuja Chauhan Cover Selection A option The-House-That-BJ-Built-Anuja-Chauhan-Cover-Selection-B

So what do you guys think? Which cover did you like better?

I know this cover choosing is another promotional thing by the Westland Publishers, but I liked this simple promotional method which got everyone involved without much expense.

Gone are the days when publishers used to just send ARCs to book reviewers and wait for them to publish reviews in blogs/newspapers to get some publicity. Now they need to come up with new methods to reach more readers and social media allows them to do so efficiently.

Chasing the Sun by Natalia Sylvester

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Chasing The Sun by Natalia Sylvester

Andres suspects his wife has left him—again. Then he learns that the unthinkable has happened: she’s been kidnapped. Set in Lima, Peru, in a time of civil and political unrest, this evocative page-turner is a perfect marriage of domestic drama and suspense. Too much time and too many secrets have come between Andres and Marabela, but now that she’s gone, he’d do anything to get her back.

Or will he?

As Marabela slips farther away, Andres must decide whether they still have something worth fighting for, and exactly what he’ll give up to bring her home. And unfortunately, the decision isn’t entirely up to him, or to the private mediator who moves into the family home to negotiate with the terrorists who are holding Marabela. Andres struggles to maintain the illusion of control while simultaneously scrambling to collect his wife’s ransom, tending to the needs of his two young children, and reconnecting with an old friend who may hold the key to his past and his wife’s future.


This is a quick read with an interesting premise of a deteriorating marriage being tested to its core when the wife disappears. Andres suspects that his wife Marabela has left him and later he realizes that she got kidnapped by the mafia for ransom which was very common in Peru in late 90s.

I was hooked to the story when I read about Andres struggle in coming terms with his wife’s absence, managing to get hold of the ransom, managing the kids and managing the overall running of the house in his wife’s absence. The book has a great deal of suspense in the first half due to the uncertainty which Andres faces about the safe return of his wife. There was something captivating about the book that made you want to know what happened, though I would not say that I enjoyed it very much.

Chasing the Sun had all the ingredients for a great story set against an uncommon theme and place but not so well-developed characters and a highly unconvincing ending makes Natalia Sylvester’s work an average read.

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