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A birthday and a Christmas gone by…

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Merry Christmas everyone!

I had decided early that I will not put up any Christmas tree or decoration this year. The reason is my 17 month old toddler who climbs places which we think impossible at his age. A decorated Christmas tree kept at any height would be too much of a temptation for him and I don’t want any untoward incidents when we are away at office.


I was not expecting any expensive gifts from the husband this year given that we are busy setting up our apartment. So I was shocked when he said he has ordered the kindle paperwhite for me. It arrived 3 weeks before my birthday and I was not at all sad that TH once again missed the idea of a birthday surprise. I have read books using it and has enjoyed the experience. Completing The Brothers Karamazov is my first priority and I have read around 90%; tremendous progress after I started reading on the kindle.

This is my cafe mango birthday cake from chef bakers at Bellandur. Since it is Christmas time, the cake came in a Christmas theme package :) We had a very quite Christmas and after the morning mass, we spent the day with my mother-in-law enjoying her vegetarian cooking ;) We had not kept the advent, so didn’t mind the lack of non-vegetarian food on Christmas day. It was my brother-in-law’s birthday on Christmas, so I ended up eating a lot of the cream cakes in the last few days.

This is the chicken salad that we had for lunch someday last week  from Leon Grill, Indiranagar. This place is a tiny restaurant hidden in one of the by-lanes of Indiranagar and serves awesome burgers, rolls, salads etc.  We got to eat some amazing food that day, but I am sure we will be going back for more!

Christmas 2015 is officially over for me and I have a hectic work schedule planned in the coming days. It is so sad that I have to work in this holiday season, but I hope to wind up a few things before new year so that I can celebrate it peacefully with my kids and family.

Organic Lifestyle- Organic farming

Going the organic path!

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What are your thoughts on the recent Maggi noodles controversy in India. I mostly avoid giving instant noodles to my daughter because of the MSG content. But then you know how kids are! They want to eat things which are not good for them.  I have no regrets or shock regarding the Maggi controversy.I drafted this post before the controversy and this post has got more relevance after that.

Do you worry about the harmful contents that are present in your food items?

Do you buy organically grown vegetables and fruits?

I never did. My idea of protecting myself and kids was to avoid all those fruits which could have loads of pesticides in it. For eg. Grapes. Someone in the medical field told me that it is very difficult to remove pesticides from grapes by soaking it and it is altogether better to avoid giving it to kids. So there was the end  of our grapes eating.

I am skeptical about buying oranges because of a bad experience in my childhood of eating oranges which had pesticides.  The bananas I buy with skepticism and the occasional pomegranates constitute our fruit intake. I soak tomatoes and other vegetables in water for few hours, but I do not know how much they remove the pesticides. Mangoes are also avoided unless they are my from native.  We were practicing a method of exclusion of potential pesticide-laden things from our diet.

This plan is good for short term, but when you think of the nourishment that my kids are missing because of avoiding these fruits and vegetables in our diet are huge. During a recent introspection I was feeling bad about my family diet.I grew up in a village where there were lots of pesticide-free items available to us and I longed to provide a similar environment for my kids.

That is how I went back to Lumiere Organic Store in Marthahalli, Bangalore. I realized it may not be possible to have everything organic or organically grown, but we do have a choice to buy at-least eat few organic food items from such stores. I have decided to buy more fruits, eggs, mangoes, chicken etc. from this store.

One of the other items that I would like to inculcate in my life are using organic bathing soaps, shampoos,mosquito repellants and moisturizing creams. They are expensive, but I feel less scared when I dab my kids with the organic mosquito repellant made from citronella and lemongrass.

A full-fledged organic lifestyle is possible, but too far expensive in the current circumstances in India. And that is a major lifestyle choice too. I will rather stick to a middle path right now. Buy onions from local store but buy the mangoes from organic store. May be all this will encourage me to start a small vegetable garden on my balcony.

How do you manage this pesticide/chemicals menace around us? Do you use organic products in your daily routine?

Image courtesy: Flickr under creative commons