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The days ahead…

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When you have written a post about looking back at 2016, I thought I will write about things I look forward to in 2017.

Mummy’s 70th Birthday

I am the 5th child and my parents are elderly. This year I am looking forward to celebrating mummy’s 70th birthday with the whole family. We are planning to have a small get-together including extended families. My mummy’s siblings are older; most of the able-bodied ones are outside India.But we hope that can get few of them to be with her on her special day.

Chotu starts school

Come June, my son will start his formal education starting with nursery. We have already enrolled him in a pre-school from yesterday. The experience has been quite incident-free for the first 2 days, but we are expecting him to bring down the school one day soon. As of now, he is enthralled with all the toys at the pre-school and has even stayed there till noon from 9 am.

Reading Challenges

I have decided to read just 25 books in 2017 as a part of Goodreads Reading Challenge. This is quite less compared to the target of 35 which I completed in 2016. The reason behind the lesser number is that I want to read a few big books towards the Classics Club challenge in 2017. If I don’t make a dent in the reading list, I may miss the target of reading 50 classics between 2014-2019 by a long way.


Bluehost has hiked the hosting charges quite high that it is forcing me to rethink the hosting. If I am not making any progress in keeping up this blog, I may very well move it to a free wordpress site. Personally I prefer spending time on reading books that use it for writing reviews. There are only very few books that inspire me to write a review and I really don’t want to force myself to write review for the sake of it. Anyway I have decided to give another year to this self-hosted site and will make some decisions by end of the year.

That is all dears. I will try to be more regular here. Do follow me on instagram for better updates regarding my life.

Download and Play Pokemon Go on Android -India

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download and play pokemon go on android india

Pokemon Go has started catching up like wildfire in India too. I understood this when a lady in Bangalore offered to walk dogs on her hunts for creatures for maximum utilization of time.So I went ahead and checked it out.

What is Pokemon Go?

download and play pokemon go on android india

For the uninitiated – Pokemon Go is a game with augmented reality. It uses GPS and probably Google maps for navigation and it pops up creatures for you to catch. You have been given a set of poke balls which you can throw at the animals when they appear in your vicinity. The map will also show you poke stops where you can gather more poke balls and eggs. So the basic criteria of the game is – you should be on the move.  GPS and mobile internet are other requirements.

You can also capture animals using your phone camera – I am yet to figure that out.

Pokemon Go in India

Here is the catch – Pokemon Go is not officially released in India. So you cannot install it through Google play store or Apple store. I heard that changing your country to US helps in Apple store. For Android, you need to install after downloading the .apk files from internet. Here are the steps.

How to download and install Pokemon Go?

1. Go to Android settings. Ensure that you have enabled ‘Allow apps from unknown sources to be installed’. This is usually turned off by default.

Note: Please remember to turn it off once you are done installation.download and play pokemon go on android india

2. Go to www.apkmirror.com

3. Search Pokemon Go. Here is the direct link to Pokemon Go on www.apkmirror.com

4. Once you scroll down, you get the option Download APK. Click on it to start install.

5. Give the necessary permissions and you are good to go.

6. Login using your Google credentials to make things easier.

7. Switch on 3G/2G and GPS Location and start moving. Your phone will vibrate by default if there are creatures in your vicinity. You need to swipe your poke balls on the screen to hit them to capture them.

8. Enjoy your walks. There are lots of medals and eggs to be hatched when you walk. And of course lots of Pokemon to catch. I just hope there are no major accidents because people are busy playing while driving cars on busy roads.


You can see my progress on a single day on the right side!

2016 – The Year so far

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book shelf pictureNow that we are half way mark of 2016, I thought I will write down about the half year that has gone by.

~Our own space

In May, we moved into our own apartment 2.5 years after booking it. There has been few issues through this journey, but the  overall experience has been quite good. After all the builder completed the construction without much delay, which is a big thing these days in Bangalore. Continue reading

Welcoming the new year

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Wishing all of you a fantastic 2016!

I was too held up with work till yesterday morning that I was not sure if I will be able to spend any meaningful time with my family during this year end & the weekend. I achieved a major milestone today which meant I can afford to take a break during the weekend. The original plan was to work through the weekend to finish off few things by Monday morning.

About the year gone by, 2015 was a tough year in all terms, especially managing a demanding work schedule with two small children. There were days when I really wanted to call it quits and become a stay at home mom. On the other side there were also a lot of learning in terms of developing my skill set and it has boosted my confidence tremendously. Anyway I have emerged more confident and happier by the end of the year. The son has become a naughty toddler and the girl is a textbook case of ‘terrible three’. I wish them to grow up quickly and being more independent though I know I will wish the opposite in a few years.

goodreads reading challenge 2015

Onto the subject of books: I read 29 books though I planned to read 50 books as per my Goodreads challenge. I will not put a separate post of about yet another time when I missed completing the challenge. Anyway I think I will keep the challenge to 35 books in 2016 to give more time to read those huge books that I had avoided for some years ( Hello Shantaram, Lord of Rings, The Three musketeers)

2015 – My Year in Books

In 2016, I plan to gain some progress on my classic club reads. As of today, I have read 6/50 for the challenge, the highlight being The Brothers Karamazov. For all those who are in two minds about reading this masterpiece by Dostoyevsky, please don’t hesitate. Just start reading this one. You will not be disappointed.

The new kindle has changed the way I read. I love the ease it provides and I think I will be reading more kindle books in the coming years. I love physical books, but the physical convenience of a holding a kindle vs holding a big book wins me over me.
I am excited to start the new year by reading the third book in the Coromoran Strike series by J K Rowling. Have you read it ?

What are your book related plans for 2016? Do let me know !